Who we are

What we do -DisagnosticsHorizon Biotech Ltd was founded in 2001 by Ofer Linevitz, bringing with him close to 20 years of experience in the long established family business for veterinary pharmaceuticals and products; Eliezer Linevitz Ltd.
Horizon Biotech specializes in importing and distributing unique solutions answering particular needs within the veterinary and agriculture markets, such as vaccination and diagnostic solutions and other veterinary and agriculture products.
Working with various farm animal organizations and veterinarians in Israel, we are highly experienced and have a deep knowledge of the field. In addition to supplying to the private market, our company is one of the larger suppliers to the Ministry of Agriculture, participating in tenders and supplying vaccines and diagnostic products.
We are strongly connected to our customers, and the decision makers, and know how to work effectively within the bureaucracy and licensing demands associated with veterinarian medical supplies.
After many years of proven and reliable service, we are very familiar with the market and the dynamic needs. Through years of experience and servicing the field, we have built up excellent connections with veterinarians both in Israel and within the Palestinian Authority. Our partners are well known international companies expanding the globe: from Europe, the USA, Asia, Africa and Australia ID VET, Synbiotics, Svanova, Bio-X, Biochek, Fujirebio, VMRD and Cellabs are among the diagnostic companies we represent. We also represent vaccine manufacturers such as Jovac, CZV and Deltamune.

At Horizon Biotech Ltd., we fully believe that success is based on full commitment on all levels; the right product, strong and open work relations with our partners and suppliers, and, expert, effective and reliable service to our customers.