what we do

Horizon Biotech Ltd. specializes in importing high quality veterinary and agricultural products to the Israeli market. Highly experienced in what we do, we represent leading international companies specializing in diagnostic kits, vaccines and veterinary devices.
Our years of experience have brought us a deep working knowledge of all stages in the importing of veterinary medical substances, starting with the initial certification and licensing procedures. Knowing the requirements, and being familiar with the people and working well with the licensing authorities, facilitates the process of approval for the suppliers.
By carefully following developing situations in livestock and animal diseases, we at Horizon Biotech have built our niche for providing specific solutions for emerging disease situations; supplying biological diagnostic and vaccination products, for viral, bacterial and parasite agents, and answering the demands of developing needs.

Horizon Biotech imports products for three main areas:


Being committed to all sides, we value the high quality of the diagnostic kits we are importing from reliable companies, allowing us to provide top quality products and top rate service to our customers. In keeping with the kit methodology based on disease agents, and recent and updated developments from world leading research institutions, our long term relations with leading global companies provide mutually beneficial opportunities for supplying veterinary and agricultural diagnostic kits in Israel. The kits we import use the following methods: Florescence polarization, Elisa, and molecular methods such as PCR or RTPCR. We also import sera, specific antigens and antibodies according to  demand. Amongst the long list of our satisfied customers: Israel Ministry of Agriculture, Israel Dairy and Milk Board, Egg and Poultry Board of Israel Research Institutes, Universities and private research laboratories.
We participated and won ongoing tenders with the Israel Ministry of Agriculture, supplying testing kits for BSE for many years.


Horizon specializes in providing the needed solutions for emerging diseases; supplying specific vaccines as new situations arise. We supply vaccines to the Ministry of Agriculture Veterinary Services and to the private sector, essentially including most Veterinarians and farm animal integrators. Our work with the Ministry of Agriculture is based on importing of veterinary vaccines upon request and/or, supplying specific vaccines after winning public tenders.


Veterinary Products:
We import a range of related veterinary products for livestock, such as disinfectants for poultry houses, cattle sheds and livestock pens, food supplements, and veterinary devices used on farms.